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FAQ - Application Notes
What application notes are available from Andrea?
The available application notes are as follows:
ICS-1     Intercommunications Systems Aircraft Wiring Guidelines - For proper operation, wiring, termination, shielding and grounding techniques are important.
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FAQ - Corporate

Who owns Andrea Systems LLC? Is Andrea Systems LLC a public corporation?
Andrea Systems LLC is owned by a group of investors and is a private corporation.

Is Andrea Systems LLC associated in any way with Andrea Electronics?
Andrea Systems LLC was formerly the Aircraft Communications Product Division of Andrea Electronics. Andrea Systems became a separate corporation in April of 2003.

For government contracts, what is Andrea Systems CAGE code?
Andrea Systems CAGE code is 3GET4. Effective 7/14/2004 any
contracts formerly under Andrea Electronics, CAGE 03487, are officially changed to 3GET4.

Why use "Andrea" in the name of the company?
"Andrea" is a well-known name in the industry. In keeping with that heritage, and to emphasize the continuity of products, the investors chose to name the company "Andrea Systems LLC."

Does Andrea Systems have licensing agreements for any Andrea Electronics technologies?
Yes, Andrea Systems has specific rights to use and license Andrea Electronics technologies including Pure Audio® and DSDA®.

We have previously done business with Andrea Radio. Is Andrea Radio now Andrea Systems?
Yes, Andrea Systems LLC has the rights to any Andrea Radio aircraft parts or contracts.

Where is Andrea Systems located?
Andrea Systems is located at:
140 Finn Court
Farmingdale, NY 11735

How do I get more information ?
For further information you may send an email to:

What about parts and manuals for Andrea Radio and Andrea Electronics products?
Andrea Systems LLC purchased all the parts and documentation for the aviation and military products of Andrea Radio and Andrea Electronics

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FAQ - Headsets
What headsets are compatible with Andrea products?
Headsets need to be matched for microphone type and headphone impedance to the Intercommunication System Control they are used with.

These Andrea products work with different types of headsets. The installation wiring determines the type of headset needed.

When wired for low mic, low earphone: H-157A/AIC, David Clark H10-76 or equivalent 8 Ohm headset.
When wired for hi mic, high earphone: David Clark 10BB/F or equivalent 600 Ohm headset.
When wired for low mic, low earphone: H-157A/AIC David Clark H10-76 or equivalent 8 Ohm headset.
When wired for hi mic, high earphone: David Clark H10-36, H10-56N or equivalent 300 Ohm headset.

 These Andrea products work with common military headsets (like the H-157A/AIC, H-78C/AIC, H101A/U or David Clark H10-76) using a low level 5 Ohm dynamic microphone and a 8 - 9.5 Ohm headphone.
   A201-12, A81-3, A81-87,88,-89  A301-1,-1BG
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FAQ - Parts and Manuals

What technical manuals are available from Andrea?
The available manuals and their current revision are listed below. For Manual Call (631) 390-3140 or email

   A301-1, -1BG, -1NV
 08/2006 Rev B
 12/2013 Rev G

Are technical manuals available for AIC-10, AIC-18 and AIC-25 systems?
Not from Andrea. These manuals can be obtained directly from the U.S. Air Force. The document numbers are:
   AN / AIC-10
   AN / AIC-18
   AN / AIC-25
 T.O. 12R2-2AIC10-2
 T.O. 12R2-2AIC18-2
 T.O. 12R2-2AIC25-2

Does Andrea sell replacement parts for Andrea aircraft products?
Yes. We can supply just about any part for an Andrea aircraft product.
Contact Robert Carton at or Heather Hinkley at

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FAQ - Website

How do I read the PDF documents ?
To read the PDF documents on this website you can download a free PDF reader from Adobe. Click on the link below:

Click to go to the Adobe Reader Download Site

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