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Technologies Overview
  Aircraft with current or past use of Andrea equipment.
Manufacturer Model
Australian Army SA-70 Blackhawk Helicopter
Bell Helicopter AH-1, UH-1, 205, 212 & 412
Boeing B-52, DC-6, FA-18, KC-135
Bombardier CL-215
Cessna T-37 Trainer
Fairchild Republic A-10
General Dynamics F-111
Lockheed Martin C-130, C-5A, F-16, F-117, P3, U2
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries F-2
North American Rockwell OV-10
Northrop Grumman EA6B, E2C, F-14, T-38 & JSTARS
Sikorsky Helicopter S-76, & UH-60A-L, SA-70
Textron Marine & Land Land & Marine Landing Craft
(LCAC - Landing Craft, Air Cushioned)
Yulista Management Services Command and Control Systems for the U.S. Army


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