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  Out-of-Warranty Repair Policy:
  • We only repair/rebuild units manufactured by Andrea Systems, Andrea Electronics, or Andrea Radio. Units that have been modified by any other organization will not be repaired.
  • Units must be less than 15 years old. Older units repair costs typically would exceed that of a new unit.
  • There is an evaluation fee for each unit. This fee is credited toward the price of any repairs.
  • All returns require an RMA number. Units without RMA's will be returned to the sender unopened. (Go to support page for RMA request)
  • Repaired units warranty is for 90 days on the repaired items only.
  Obtaining an RMA (Return Material Authorization) :
  • You need the units Part Number, Serial Number, a clear description of the problem and a Purchase Order for the evaluation fee ( for out-of-warranty units only).
  • Contact our Product Sales Manager to obtain your RMA number and our current evaluation fee.
  • Send the unit to Andrea Systems with the RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the container.
  Andrea Systems LLC Quality Manual :
  • The current Andrea Systems LLC Quality Manual is QAM-100, Revision C.


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