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A81-121 Blade De-Ice
The A81-121 is used on the UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter. The unit has One (1) switch for Power On/Off/Test, and One (1) Rotary switch delineating Automatic and Manual De-Ice modes. The unit also has One (1) Test In Progress Indicator. Read more (.pdf) ›››
A301-1 Test Sets
Andrea designs and manufactures special test equipment for the items we produce. These test sets permit simple and rapid testing and troubleshooting of the various control units, amplifiers, and other modules.
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A652 / A649 Relay Assembly
Relay assembly units used in conjunction with military transceivers to provide secure communications. The A649 contains 4 relays while the A652 contains 3 relays and an electronic switching circuit. The relays are special low capacitance types which provide more than 100 dB of isolation between circuits
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A645 Voice Operated Relay Module
Designed to provide hands-free operation in an interphone system without the objectionable background noise when no signals are present. The fast attack time and loss less circuit insure no deterioration of the desired signal.
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