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Intercomm. Control Units
Control Panels
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A81-59, A81-59-1 (C-2323A/AIC)
A81-53 (C-3934(P)) Monitor Panels
Panel mounted assemblies with eight combination monitor switch monitor volume controls. These controls provide selection and individual level adjustment of eight audio input lines. The A81-59 is black, the A81-59-1 is gray.
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A61-9 (LS-184A/AIC-10) Dynamic Loudspeaker
A bulkhead mounted dynamic loudspeaker, which converts the audio input signal from an intercommunication system into audible sound. The self-contained push-pull amplifier provides the power amplification needed to drive the loudspeaker. This amplifier provides the wide range response and peak clipping needed to maintain a high signal to noise ratio under high ambient noise conditions.
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MT-1424/AIC-10 Mounting
The mounting for amplifier assembly AM1963/AIC-10.
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